Trusted Coaches

We are very excited about this new section on our website.


We will be sharing many trusted coaches across the community who have made a very strong and successful name for themselves. This section is free for coaches but comes with an awesome perk. YOUR clients have direct access to the #1 rated meal prep service in the Clarington region. Nothing in life will help you achieve your goals as gast as a healthy and dedicated diet. Thank You For Stopping By Our Trusted Coaches Section.

Andrew Maraj

Adaptive + Holistic Personal Trainer, Fascia Stretch (FST) Practitioner, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Accountability Coach, Fitness Enthusiast

Andrew has personally experienced combining energy work with holistic nutrition into his own training and has seen a massive increase in strength, mobility and overall better function of his body. Thorough understanding what to use as fuel for my body and doing the energy work to release blockages and setpositive intentions, Andrew has been able to achieve long term goals of his that he would not have reached unless using these modalities.

Andrew has worked with all demographics from children, adults and seniors as well as being an assistantcoach for the Special Olympics, he brings a vast variety of training techniques as well as knowledge aroundany type of lifestyle, goals, and abilities a client has.

Andrew has certifications in Adaptive and Functional Personal Trainer, Reiki Practitioner (Usui Reiki Level 2) Matcha Method Level 1 , and has completed his Fascial Stretch Practitioner certification levels 1 and 2 and will be attending level 3 in December

FST Sessions- $100 per hour 
Personal Training- In person $65 an hour
Online- $100 a month with meal plan and training program and support 
Instagram- @stretchmasterflex
Mobile: 613 922 7613
Locations : Durham Region/ Belleville/ Mobile